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Our Wing Chun Family Tree from the Founder.


Below is our Wing Chun family tree so you can see where our skill comes from and how close it's relationship is with the source.

updated trees (1).png
me and tai sigong getting certificate.PNG
Ip Chun Colin Ward and Sean Mann 2019 vtaa_edited.jpg
Grandmaster Ip Chun with Master Colin Ward and Sifu Sean Mann Giving Family Tree at VTAA .
me and son of the famous Wong Shun Leung.PNG
wong shuen lueng stop kick.jpg
Sigong Cliff Au Yeung_.jpg
wong shuen lueng and bruce lee on set of enter the dragon.jpg
Germany training trip Awards picture 2023.jpg
Sifu Goksel with his Sifu Cliff Au Yueng.jpg
Sifu Sean Mann With Master Goksel Awards evening Germany 2023.jpg
Sifu Sean Mann and Master Goksel at the UK school together 2022.jpg
Sifu Sean Mann and Master Goksel seminar pic together 2023.jpg

We currently run Martial Arts Classes teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu in the Hull, Grimsby &  Cleethorpes areas as well as Brigg & Scunthorpe areas, why not try our FREE beginner course today by getting in touch and getting booked on!!

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