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Mann Family School of Kung Fu Official Thank You Page.

On this page the Mann Family would like to take the opportunity to personally thank all the people listed below for everything they have done & the time they have taken to help our school inside & outside of school opening hours. Without your help non of what we do, or what we have achieved would of been possible, thank you all.

People Who Donated Money To Help The Grimsby/Cleethorpes  School Open in The Crowdfund Project Completed Jan 2022.

Pledger name:                     Total Amounts Donated £:

Sport England            (Match Funding)                                        2500

Chris Bartle                                                                                      100

Conner Hall                                                 20

Chris  Bartle                                                                                      50

Richard Willis                                             10

Helen Willis                                                                                       50

Simon Welton                                                                                   50

Sally Greetham                                           5

John Tidswell                                                                                     50

Fred Gilchrist                                              20

Fred Gilchrist                                              5

Mr Nigel Patrick Birkett                            30

Carl Castledine                                                                                  50

Pamela Leach                                              10

Rosie-ellis Brothwood                                                                      55

Gary Bielby                                                 20

Luke Bullock                                                                                       50

Zoe Butters                                                 10

Ismat HafiI bin Mohamed                       20

Sam Janney                                                                                         50

Darrell Simms                                           10

Victoria Bedford                                       10

Victoria Tasker                                          5

Adrian  Bolton                                           5

James Hurst                                               30

Katy Waite                                                  5

Ricky James      ( Crystalline Granite Specialists ltd )                   250

Chris Taylor                                                                                         100

Robbie - Joe Tidswell                                5

Miguel Duran                                           15

Andrew Fieldhouse                                                                             100

Carrie Lewis-Hare                                   10

Natasha Jaferi                                                                                      50

Katherine Wykes                                      5

George and Nir Mann                            20

Matthew Ryder                                        10

Nicola Clarke                                           10

Mark Peter Hunt                                     20

Frances Burbidge                                     5

Neil Julian Coxall                                    20

Vivek Shah                                               20

Aleisha Jade Pope                                     5

owen Harriman                                      10

Paul Janney                                             20

Gemma Sandford                                    5

Sarah Brodie  (Banaman School T-shirt Supplier Grimsby)      50

Malcolm & Ann Taylor                          20

Sa Huynh                                                 20

Shane Bispham                                                                                   936

In Total for this project together we raised over £5000! and that's not the true total as many people that donated asked to remain anonymous, to those people you know who you are and we still wanted to say a special thank you to you all as well, although your donations anonymous its not taken for granted or forgotten.

Thanks to you all we raised enough money to open a community centre in East Marsh Cleethorpes that is not only the new home for our Grimsby\Cleethorpes classes but is also open for public use and will help thousands of people for many years to come, so well done on a great effort!

gy outside before 1.jpg
gy storage room before 1.jpg
gy main room before 2.jpg
gy main room before 1.jpg
gy pic with family before.png
gy kitchen build 1.jpg
gy storage room build 1.jpg
luke putting floor down main room 1.jpg
gy main room paint 1.jpg
gy door fix 1.jpg
gy kitchen finished 1.jpg
gy storage room finished.jpg
gy main room finished 1.jpg
east marsh community centre outside close up finished 1.jpg

People Who Donated Money or Aid To Help The People of Ukraine For The Schools Ukrainian Mission Completed April 5th 2022.

In 2022 as a school we decided to try and help the people of Ukraine directly once Russia invaded their country, with millions of people displaced including thousands of children we wanted to do something and so come up with the Ukrainian Mission 2022!

over 3 weeks in March 2022 we collected donations of aid and financial support totalling over £7000 in value, we planned the logistics and all paperwork needed, found contacts in Ukraine and then my self Sifu Sean Mann and my student Simon Welton drive a the aid directly to Ukraine our self's before returning home safely a few days later.

This was a massive achievement for our school and an amazing effort by everyone involved, although what we achieved is small in terms of what's needed we as a good once again proved actions speak louder than words and I am extremely proud of what we did and how it was received by the people of Ukraine.


As well as thanking the many people that made Aid Donations and help organise the project, direct school students and otherwise i would also like to thank the people that pledged financially to the crowdfund, details can be found below, on top of this there was over £500 in anonymous donations as well, we can not list you by your request but we thank you for all your support also.


Pledger name:                     Total Amounts Donated £:

Sean Mann                                                                                             65

Mark Peter Hunt                                                                                   30

Mark green                                                                                            20

Eryk Kpetse                                                                                           50

Chris Bartle                                                                                           100

Lee Curtis                                                                                               45

Tim Turner                                                                                            50

Patrick Moreline                                                                                   10

Helen                                                                                                      50

Andrew Fieldhouse                                                                             250

S W Janney                                                                                            20

Luke Bullock                                                                                         100

Jayesh Parekh                                                                                        50

Natasha Jaferi                                                                                       200

Neil Thompson                                                                                      10

richard willis                                                                                         60

Sally Greetham                                                                                     10

Sandra Budd                                                                                          5

Sandra mann                                                                                        20

Mark Peter Hunt                                                                                  20

Jacki scott ( residents Chalfont close)                                               20

Tower Hill Methodist Church, Hessle                                              200

Jane Buckley                                                                                          25

I would like to say a special thank you at this point to my student and close friend Simon Welton from Hull who come with me to Ukraine and helped with the driving as well as other things that was mission critical during this project, as you can imagine the trip to Ukraine wasn't without risk and his courage and determination to see the project a success was humbling, thank you my friend, was an absolute honour to share the experience with you.

Please see the short video below of how this project was put together and carried out, a massive well done and thank you to everyone involved, a truly life changing project for many people, I will personally never forget this and what we all did.

mann family school of kung fu sorting ukrainian aid 2022.jpg
loading van with ukrainian aid 2022.jpg
sifu sean mann and simon welton ukrainain van pic.jpg
third lot of aid ready to go to ukraine but this time delivered by the mann family school
second pic mann family school of kung fu sorting ukrainian aid 2022.jpg

Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Donated to the Grimsby School in July 2023.

In April 2023 Sifu Darrrell Blissett, after a lifetimes dedication to the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu sadly passed away.

His daughter, Carley Marie Blissett, in memory of her dad kindly decided to donate his Wing Chun Kung Fu training dummy to the Mann Family School of Kung Fu in Grimsby. Because of this students for many generations to come can continue to benefit from using it and her fathers legacy may continue long in to the future as well. It is with great honour we except this donation, a memorial plaque has also been commissioned in Sifu Darrells name to be put in the school with his wooden training dummy, rest in peace Sifu and we thank you.

Most heart felt regards,

Sifu Sean Mann.

Sifu Darrell Blissett

25/11/1969  -  13/04/2023

darrell blissett.jpg

National Lottery Funded Seminars, courses & Charity Events 2023.

So far 2023 has been a fantastic year with us been able to invite Masters from across the world to visit and teach at our school for our students at weekend seminars in Wing Chun Kung Fu! 2023 we have had Masters David Blackley, Goksel Erdogan and Master Roland Tong a direct student of Ip Man himself, just to name a few, come over and its been grate! On top we even managed a training trip out to Germany to visit a school over there as well for a lucky group of students.

All of this has only been possible due to the ongoing funding we have been getting from the National Lottery Community Fund and we are all extremely grateful for the impact it continues to make on our school and local community's.


This is of course all on top of the FREE training courses we have now given to hundreds of local community members in self defence, as well as other charity work we have been involved in working with local food banks and others, again all only possible because of the funding we have received.

This year we was also able to add to our training equipment meaning we was able to increase class sizes as well, so a fantastic year so far and still much to look forward to!

To see first hand some of the awesome community events we have done this year as a result of the funding help we get please look at the videos below.

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