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How To Become a Full Time Member.

Finished Your FREE Beginner Course?? If The Answer is Yes Just Follow Below.


Congratulations on just passing your beginner course and on officially been excepted as a full time student at the Mann Family School of Kung Fu!

You have worked extremely hard to get this opportunity and now its time to make the most of the foundations you have created so you can continue to learn, develop and maybe one day teach this truly unique skill as well. 

You should be proud of your self for the dedication and hard work you have committed so far, but now the real journey begins and this is an exciting time with lots to look forward to.

Been apart of our family as a full time registered member means you will now work your way through your gradings to complete the system, you will be invited to special events like seminars or weekends away training and even the chance to train in China, Vietnam or other worldwide destinations!

Congratulations again from your Sifu and all your Kung Fu Brothers and Sisters, simply follow the instructions below to complete your membership.

Before Choosing Your Membership Option Please Register.

Before you register as a member below you must first make a onetime payment that covers the cost of your school Polo T-shirt, Insurance and administration fee, this cost is £30 if you are a single member or £30 per person if its a family membership for up to 3 people in the same family. It is only paid once but if for example you register 3 people today from the same family a one time payment of £30 would need to be completed 3 times to cover each student been enrolled, if one person just one payment.


If in future you would like more T-Shirts or other kit for training please speak to your Sifu in class or use the school online shop. 

To Registration Simply click here:

After You Register Set Up Your Membership Below.

Once you have paid the onetime registration fee above you can complete your membership by following the link below, this is to set up your monthly Direct Debit and is £45 regardless of been a single or a family membership.

We use Gocardless a simple and secure payment system with a quick and easy form to fill in so you know all details are kept safe and any future payments are secure.

Once you have completed this stage you will have full access to everything the school has to offer from grading to international travel and training trips or seminars, any questions or problems please contact your Sifu first, otherwise click below to finish your membership registration and once again, congratulations!

To Complete Your Membership click here:


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