Mann Family School of Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu
What to expect at class.

At class it's a good opportunity for us all to come together and learn from each others differant levels of gung lik.


A big part of Wing Chun is Chi Sau and for this we need a partner to train. We must roll hands with as many people as you can to develop a good skill level so much time is spent developing this part of your Wing Chun skill.


Foot work is also a very important part of Wing Chun as we do not fight force against force so we need good foot work so we can move out the way to let the energy of our opponent go.


Forms and learning new Wing Chun hands and applications you didn't know is equally important but the most important thing is that we are all together trying to help each other and enjoying our time learning together.


All training is very traditional and delivered in a structured and safe way as per Grandmaster Ip Chun's syllabus.


Classes now run in Scunthorpe, Brigg, Grimsby and Hull.

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