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What to expect at class.

At school mixed Chi Sau events, seminars and international training camps it's a good opportunity for us all to come together and learn from each others different levels of gung lik, but the hard work in between is done at your local class.


A big part of Wing Chun is a sensitivity drill called Chi Sau and for this we need a partner to train. We must roll hands with as many people as you can to develop a good skill level.


Wing Chun overall is basically the art of using science to fight, giving you the biggest advantage possible over our opponent in a street fight, for this we need to understand and train correct structure, foot work, body alignment as well as an understanding of modern day physics and body mechanics, this is of course along side the more traditional aspects of training we do like applications, sparring, drills, forms and weapons training. 


The most important thing alongside working hard to develop a skill that works long in to old age is that we are all together trying to help each other and enjoying our time learning together alone the way.


All training is very traditional and delivered in a structured and safe way with annual opportunity's for international training trips, seminars and more.


We currently run Martial Arts Classes teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu in the Hull, Grimsby &  Cleethorpes areas as well as Brigg & Scunthorpe areas.

To book a FREE beginner course just get in touch today and book yourself on!!!

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