How to get started, School training cost and what to wear at class.

Beginners Course & Costs Involved.


Please remember we are a Non For Profit Community Organisation and only charge what we need to so we can run and maintain standards.


To get started all you need to do is join one of our beginner course that run all year round every year, we are a family school so you will be made welcome nonmatter your background or reason for training.

Feel free to just make a note and turn up ready to start on the night in your location of choice or contact the school so we know to expect you as well before hand by phone, txt or email.

Once you have started and then complete a beginners course you can then decide if the skill is right for you and if you would like to become a member. This course covers around 16 to 32 hours of training depending how many classes you attend in each location and the aim is to get you to a basic level of understanding so you can identify and develop what's needed as quickly as possible right from the start. 

This course has a one time ONLY payment of £30 non refundable paid the night you start in cash at class or by card by using the pay now button below, once you have completed this course and been signed off by your Sifu you will have the option of becoming a member from there to continue your training.


Pay My Beginner Course Now Click Here: 




Membership Cost.

After your membership is approved training cost is paid monthly and done on the first of every month by Direct Debit, this cost is £45 a month. this covers all classes every week so gives you access to a total of 8 hours training a week. A family membership for 2 or 3 people from the same family then is £70 a month Direct Debit saving your family big time every month on training cost but with all the same benefits for all.


Developing each other and preserving the skill to the highest standard possible is more important than money in our school. Costs are always kept as low as possible for this reason, your monthly training fee covers everything needed, all classes costs, grading, access to China training trips, seminars, residential course, insurance and more with no hidden costs. Each class runs for 2 hours. 

Onetime Registration Cost.

Standard Membership.


A one time payment of £30 and this covers your school training T - shirt, registration in our lineage. You will not pay your membership until you have finished your beginners course and only if you wish to continue. The time period it takes to complete your beginners course is not set and is up to the teacher to decide when you have shown the correct level of understanding, trust and responsibility. Equally you might not be excepted as a student and asked to leave after a decision is made. Although this will only happen in extreme cases, this is for the safety of the school and its students as we must be responsible and of a sound mind to study this type of skill.  T - Shirts and more are always available in the school shop if more are needed.

Family Membership.

A one time payment of £60 for up to 3 people from the same family and comes with all the same benefits as a standard membership except it saves your family money in membership cost. 

Online training with Master Colin Ward.

My Sifu Master Colin Ward also runs an online training platform that is fantastic to be used along side your in classes training to help you develop and work your way through this system. Here you have access to the hole Wing Chun system demonstrated by Master Colin Ward him self to watch and learn in your own time and is a unique and modern method used by our lineage to pair both traditional training with the added benefits modern technology gives us in order to reach the highest skill level possible. This is paid for online direct when you subscribe and you dont need to be a member of our school to get this, however as a member of the Mann Family School of Kung Fu you will receive a 30% discount with a special discount code given to you after you become a member by your Sifu SO MAKE SURE you have this before you subscribe!!

Seminar, class meals and other events.

Seminars, class meals and other events are paid for as and when they come up if you choose to go, with chances to meet and train with real life Kung Fu Grand Masters or to develop our in school friendships with each other at class meals and mixed class events plus more. Non of this is compulsory but events take place every year for you to benefit from.

Private Teaching 

£45 for 1 hour if your a non member if your a member and been regularly attending classes and already trained for a minimum of 1 year in our school then its £20 for 1 hour. 

What to wear at class.

After you become a member you will have a training t shirt

but other than this we recommend you wear loose fitting clothes

and non marking trainers for class, there is no need for a full uniform

or the extra cost of having them, after all in the street you will be in

normal clothes so better to practice this way. For full class training

wear specific to Wing Chun if this is preferred please enquire in our

school classes shop for more details.

Extra class wear. 

After you become a member you can get training t shirts, hoodies, sleeveless fleeces, trousers and more at the class shop, for more information on sizes and cost please ask your Sifu in class.