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Sigong Grandmaster Ip Chun & the VTAA.


Grandmaster Ip Chun & the VTAA 



Ip Chun (born 10 July 1924), also known as

Yip Chun, is a Chinese martial artist

specialising in Wing Chun. He is the elder of

two sons. Ip’s father Ip Man was the Wing Chun

teacher of Bruce Lee.  
In 1949, after the Communists established the

People's Republic of China on the Chinese

mainland, Ip's father Ip Man left for Hong Kong

and Ip Chun, then 24, remained in Foshan to

continue his studies in university. However,

in 1962, due to the Cultural Revolution, Ip Chun

and his younger brother, Ip Ching, were forced

to leave Foshan and move to Hong Kong to join

their father.  
In Hong Kong, Ip Chun worked as an

accountant and newspaper reporter in the day

and practised Wing Chun in the evening under

his father's guidance.  
In accordance with his father's wishes, in 1965, Ip Chun participated in the affairs of the Ving Tsun Athletic Association (VTAA) and he became one of its founding members when it was formally established in 1968. During the first three years in the association, Ip Chun took on the role of treasurer and was later appointed as chairman.  
As the oldest son of the late Great Grandmaster Ip Man, Grandmaster Ip Chun is now the most senior direct family member to pass on and preserve his father’s skill. Ip Chun is still teaching at the VTAA and living in Hong Kong today, although he is now 95 years old. Grandmaster Ip Chuns sons now also teach classes in Hong Kong. Helping to guarantee a directly preserved and passed on lineage of Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu long in to the future. Through their own direct family line, just one of the many things that makes this branch of Kung Fu so special and rare in today’s modern life.  
More recently Grandmaster Ip Chun served as a consultant for Ip Man the movie, a 2008 Hong Kong film about the life of his father staring film legend Donnie Yen. He also made a special appearance as Leung Bik (son of Leung Jan) in another film, The Legend is Born – Ip Man In 2013. As well as an appearance in another Ip Man film, Ip Man: The Final Fight. These films today are world famous, not just for the superb fight scenes but also for the story they tell of the Ip family legend. 
The VTAA has many international students that visit every year, it has become world famous as the home of this system. If Great Grandmaster Ip Man was still alive today he would be very proud of what his family has achieved and how far the skill has come. As well as the many corners of the world it has now reached, influenced and people it has helped to developed in today’s society.  
More information about Grandmaster Ip Chun, his sons and the VTAA is also available online or by visiting 


Ip Chun  and Sean Mann 2019 vtaa_edited.jpg
Ip Chun with Colin Ward and Sean Mann giving gift at vtaa 2018.jpg
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Ip Chun Colin Ward and Sean Mann 2019 vtaa_edited.jpg
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Grandmaster Ip Chun with Master Colin Ward and Sifu Sean Mann Giving Family Tree at VTAA .
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