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Why Join Our Family?

It is important when choosing to study any art form that you check to make sure the history and source of that skill is pure and close the origin to make sure what you learn is correct and practised in the right way.


Many people that train martial arts today end up with injurys and problems caused by not training correctly and this is down to where and how they choose to learn.


Here at the Mann Family School of Kung Fu you can be sure that what you and your family learn is not only safe and correct due to our lineage but also that the skill has come from the right place 


As well as health benefits from training and being able to protect yourself learning kung fu skill is also good for developing yourself as a person. The better our kung fu gets the better we should also get as people and the better our over all lives should get from practising and understanding good priciples. 


Because we are apart of the Northern Wing Chun Kung Fu Association we also are lucky to be able to join our more senior brothers and sisters  to learn at seminars and courses that run every year in the UK by my Sifu Master Colin Ward a senior student of Grand Master Ip Chun, Ipman's son. You are also welcome to train at any class run by the Northern Wing Chun Kung Fu Association in the UK and worldwide as part of your membership.


You may also have the opportunity in the future, as I have, to train in China, a very special experiance indeed and one nobody ever forgets.


Classes now run in Brigg, Grimsby and Hull.

me colin ward sifu and students training
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Grandmaster Ip Chun with Master Colin Wa
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