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About my Sifu, Goksel Erdogan.


I started training in martial arts in 1987. Like many other children of my age,

I was impressed by the martial artist on TV. So I started in a martial arts school

for Tae Kwon Do. At the same time I gained experiences in kickboxing, boxing

and ju-jitsu. I trained hard 5 times a week until I had the first contact to Wing Chun

(Wing Tsun, Ving Tsun). I found many theories logical and effective,

so I decided to devote all my energy to this Kung-Fu fighting style.


I have been practicing and teaching this logical method of combat since 1995.

Within 3-4 years I had achieved the Instructor-Level in a large European association

and was nevertheless dissatisfied. My further development in Wing Chun

(Ving Tsun, Wing Tsun) should be interrupted by politics and horrendous costs.


However, I loved Ving Tsun too much that I would just leave this passion behind me.

So I was ready to go outside the box and invested a lot of money.


I participated in seminars all over Europe and took private lessons from great

masters in Hong Kong. I also had the privilege to meet a lot of long term students

of Wong Shun Leung. I am very grateful for the support of these great teachers and

the ongoing friendship with some of them. Today I am a member and certified instructor of the VTAA "Ving Tsun Athletic Association" in Hong Kong. This Association that was founded in 1967 by Ip (Yip) Man himself.

Today, I am teaching a lot of experienced Wing Tsun/Ving Tsun masters and teachers from many different Wing Chun lineages. These students are from different countries and sometimes have more than 30 years of Wing Chun experience. As a "self-correcting system" I am teaching Ving Tsun (Wing Tsun) as an effective combat system which is based on his scientific approach.


The path to perfection goes beyond the self-knowledge and is a continuous process. We are not programmable robots and human errors always can happen. However, for each mistake Ving Tsun Kung-Fu provides also a clever way of correction. These skills can only be learned through personal guidance of an experienced coach.


My goal is to teach Wing Chun in a complete manner and save the practitioners from unnecessary waiting periods. Because for many practitioners the loss of time is even worse than the loss of money.



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