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About my Sifu, Colin Ward.


Master Colin Ward is the founder and Chief Instructor of the N.W.C.K.F.A. Based in Leeds North East U.K. He is a true Hong Kong qualified Master of the art. He is also one of only 13 people in the world qualified to represent the teachings of Grandmaster Ip Chun in Hong Kong and through his online facility wingchun.online as well as at his full time school and HQ in Leeds U.K.  
Since 1976 Master Ward has studied many different styles through his development but settled very early on in Ip Man Wing Chun.  
It was in 1987 at a Wing Chun seminar when Grandmaster Ip Chun (Yip Chun) first took a real interest in Colin’s skill and progress. It was from this point a friendship began to grow between Colin and his Sifu.  
Eventually in 1990 he was invited to study Wing Chun in Hong Kong under Grandmaster Ip Chun’s direct guidance and after buying a one-way ticket he started again from scratch making sure that every part of every technique was fully understood.  
Since then Master Colin Ward has been a regular visitor to Hong Kong where he gives seminars and lectures at the Hong Kong University as well as still continuing his own studies with his teacher, Grandmaster Ip Chun.  
Grandmaster Ip Chun is the eldest son of the late and legendary Great Grandmaster Ip Man, Bruce Lee’s teacher and who is also widely accepted to be the founder of modern day Wing Chun Kung Fu system.  
As tradition dictates, after learning his Father’s skills Grandmaster Ip Chun (Yip Chun) decided to pass this skill down to his select students and now through his student Master Colin Ward, on to Sifu Sean Mann and many others.  
Master Colin Ward has now committed his whole life to the preservation of Ip Man Wing Chun, helping thousands of people develop this skill all around the world. Today he still teaches his classes in Leeds North East U.K. as well as developing the online Wing Chun platform and continued trips to China to train with his Sifu. Not to mention many other worldwide trips to train and teach his students and Grand students at seminars and other events. 
Without Master Ward’s commitment and others like him we would not have such a well preserved and complete skill to still train and pass on today. All the Northern Wing Chun Kung Fu associations’ students and grand students are internally grateful for this and would like to take this opportunity to thank our Sifu and Sigong for everything they have done, are doing and will do long in to the future.  
If you are U.K. based look online to find more information about Master Colin Wards School in Leeds or lineage schools under him nationwide and feel free to get in contact and attend a local class. Equally no matter where you are in the world you can benefit from Master Wards online training platform that has the complete Ip Man Wing Chun system. It even offers grading’s available to help you develop your Wing Chun skill from a trusted source, this is the only online training system certified by Grandmaster Ip Chun himself available today, please visit http://www.purewingchun.co.uk or wingchun.online for more details. 


His nearest class to us is in Leeds and I would encourage any student to experience this, please visit Sifu's website for more details.


Your relationship with your Sifu is very important and should never be taken for grantted.





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