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Our Non-Profit Family.



The Mann Family School of Kung Fu

shares a holistic approach and

responsibility to improve our



You are part of our family so

let’s work together.

We use Kung Fu in an evidenced

based manner to help children,

adults and whole-family to develop

life enhancing skills and let go of the negative energies.

As well as learning a really cool self-defence method, our Kung Fu provides a healthy physical and mental outlet, fostering resilience, stimulating mental focus, promote fitness, and encourages healthy lifestyle.

Being part of our community reduces crime and people turning to gangs for sense of belonging and it instils discipline, inculcates perseverance, promotes respect of others as well as self-respect.

For those in school or higher education it improves academic performance.

Preserving the family unit is essential for stability although it is very much a luxury for many these days. The Mann Family School of Kung Fu’s tradition when possible is to work with the whole family as a unit. The parents develop their own styles of Kung Fun which they pass on to their children.















In this programme we reach out to those in poverty and trouble and offer reduced or even free lessons. Our family is for everyone!
















Our volunteers spend many hours befriending and visiting those who feel isolated or need a helping hand. Everyone, from children, teens to senior adults, can sometimes do with someone to bounce off concerns and ideas as we work our way through the challenges of life.




Need some help and motivation to stay healthy and lose weight? Come, let’s do this together. We’ll work on interesting exercises, motivation and focus.

















Learn some really cool and original self-defence methodology. Take the bully/mugger/KGB etc. by surprise. They weren’t expecting that move.

Usually, as soon as you start moving Kung Fu-like, they do a runner.











This combination of learning Kung Fu together with our mentoring and family-community feel has an excellent track record of improving children’s school attendance, behaviour, mood and academic attainment.




Want something to spice up P.E. or as after school club. Maybe it’s just for a small group of kids with who need extra TLC or an outlet? Give us a bell and let’s get you sorted.

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