Mann Family School of Kung Fu Official Thank You Page.

On this page the Mann Family would like to take the opportunity to personally thank all the people listed below for everything they have done & the time they have taken to help our school inside & outside of school opening hours. Without your help non of what we do, or what we have achieved would of been possible, thank you all.

Master Colin Ward & The North Wing Chun Kung Fu Association..

My Sifu Master Colin Ward is the single most inspirational person i have ever had the privilege to meet in my life. Until meeting and training under him i honestly didn't know what it actually meant to be a good teacher.


I am constantly amazed at how selfless and thoughtful he is towards his students, been one of Grandmaster Ip Chuns (son of Ip Man) 13 chosen worldwide representatives he is extremely humble and in every sense of the word a true Master.


On this type of journey its easy to loose your way or become disillusioned with progress, when i first meet Master Colin Ward in all honesty i was ready to throw the towel in for a few reasons. Sifu was able to turn things around and show me a path i had not realised before but the one id always dreamed of.


Now i am proud to say my life's work is to preserve his and my other Kung Fu ancestors life work as best i can and, its an absolute honour. I am proud to say our school is now part of Master Colin Wards Northern Wing Chun Kung Fu Association and i look forward to many more years together training, preserving and passing on the art we love. If my dad the founder of our school was still alive today he would of been over the moon to see our school grow the way it has and to have Master Ward supporting that and pushing us all in the right direct would of blown him away.


I can not thank Sifu with words only actions so this is really for everyone else's knowledge only, my personal way of giving thanks is by continued and life long commitment to preserving his lineage and the great skill he has been kind enough to pass on to us all.

Every time Sifu visits our school or we go to see him in Leeds or join him in China he is always the same, very welcoming, very humble and very kind with lots of knowledge to pass on without withholding anything, ask a question you get the full answer and some no matter how long you have trained for.


Sifu is not only on of Grandmaster Ip Chuns chosen 13 worldwide representatives but he also runs a full time school in Leeds, plus the only certified online training platform for Wing Chun my Ip Chun (son of Ip Man teacher of Bruce Lee) to date,

Worth a look no matter what part of the world you are from!


Thank you so much for everything Sifu, its such an honour, we are all so grateful.

Sifu Paul Jenny Mann Family School of Kung Fu Instructor.

Me and Sifu Paul Jenny of Grimsby class have been personally good friends for a long time, we started training Wing Chun professionally around the same time as well and he also became a Sifu under Michael Tse's Tse Qigong Centre before coming to join the Mann Family School of Kung Fu full time in early 2018.


We have both been on many courses together and he has achieved a very good skill level over the years that can not be ignored. Once he decided to come to the school full time he re qualified and is now an instructor under the Mann Family School of Kung Fu.


Like with me and all other Sifu's we never stop training and trying to improve so Paul Sifu still trains very hard as well as teaching others so he can try and achieve the highest skill level possible over the coming years.


Paul Sifu does everything he can to help and without his friendship and commitment everything would of been a lot harder that is for sure. I am honoured to know such a man and i hope we benefit from his support and commitment long in to the future. Thank you very much for everything.

Sifu Jens Thinneson Mann Family School of Kung Fu Instructor.

Sifu Jens has been a massive inspiration to me personally. First meeting at the Black Phoenix Wing Chun school in Cleethorpes in the early 2000's when i was still just starting to find my way.


He later became my second real traditional Wing Chun Sifu, but by far and away the most inspirational at this point. Jens became an instructor (Sifu) for the second time under Michael Tse's Tse Qigong Centre in 2006, renewing his qualifications with them until 2011. When i started training at the centre my self before continuing my personal training under Master Darryl Moy, Michael Tse's most senior student, Jens was my Sifu.


A very kind person naturally and the first time i went to train in China and Hong Kong he was there as well. A lot has changed over the years as the school has developed and naturally different people go in different directions but generally Jens Sifu has always been there with advice etc when needed even after moving away from the centre when i was still there.


He has a very good Wing Chun skill and is a fantastic teacher. Today Jens Sifu is an ambassador for the Mann Family School of Kung Fu and to our honour a Sifu. He doesn't need me to re qualify his skill or anyone else for that matter but, making Sifu an official ambassador of our school was the most honourable way i could thank him for everything he passed to me and continues to do so. Without a doubt he is one of the major reasons i have achieved so much, and never give up so i am eternally grateful.


Jens Sifu resonantly moved to Sheffield area so we do not get to see him as much as we would like but he is always welcome at our school and we hope to benefit from his support long in to the future. Thank you so much for giving me such a drive at the right time and continued support even now, we are all very grateful.

Mark Green Mann Family School of Kung Fu Trainee Instructor.

Mark is a long term friend and student to Brigg class. I have lost count of the amount of times he has gone out of his way to help with anything. He is a good student, great friend and will be an amazing Sifu in time. Mark has travelled around the UK with me and even to China to further his training and is always ready to share anything  new he feels he has learnt. We both often train together outside of class and his love for the art has taken him a long way indeed. Nobody has to teach but i personally hope one day Mark might do full time as he is great with his Kung Fu family and anyone else for that matter. Thank you.

Ben Nicolson Mann Family School of Kung Fu Trainee Instructor.

Ben Nicolson of Brigg class was my first official student starting in 2010 and is also a very close friend of the family. We first started training together believe it or not when spending sometime working together at standsted airport. Often after working a night shift he would join me training at the bottom of the runway outside a few cabins for 1 to 3 hours at a time before sleeping and ever since he has continued to support and train at our school with me. Ben is always the first to volunteer help, regularly attends events and even training trips to China. As if that wasn't enough his family and wife Kerry Nicolson also shows no end of support so we can all do what we do and it is very much appreciated. Thank you both.

Sam Jenny Mann Family School of Kung Fu Trainee Instructor.

Sam Jenny of Hull class has gone from strength to strength as a Trainee Instructor. Helping run classes from time to time as well as teaching more joiner students whenever asked. I can not think of one event he has missed and his dedicating and love for Wing Chun is clear to see. Sam would like to run his own school eventually and he will be a great Sifu that i would be very proud of for sure. Keep up the hard work and thank you.

Demitri Housden Mann Family School of Kung Fu Trainee Instructor.

Demitri Housden of Grimsby class is another very skilled Trainee Instructor. Helping teach more joiner students whenever asked, regulary attending events and helping generally where ever he can. Fantastic future Sifu without a doubt.

Shane Bispham Mann Family School of Kung Fu Trainee Instructor.

Shane Bispham of Brigg Class is a hard working and very skilled Trainee Instructor, so far dedicating over 5 years to the school & helping teach more joiner students whenever asked even if it means sacrificing his own personal training time. One day not to far away Shane will Make a fantastic Sifu.

John Tidswell Mann Family School of Kung Fu Student.

John Tidswell is not only a committed student of Grimsby Class but he also dedicates a lot of his personal time to helping with our wood work needs, building or maintaining Traditional Wing Chun Wooden Dummys, Plum Blossom Posts and much more. We are very grateful for this extra commitment & hard work you do so we can all have the training equipment needed at each location, thank you.

Andy Taylor Mann Family School of Kung Fu Student.

Andy Taylor is another hard working Grimsby Student that also puts a lot of extra time in, weather its helping keeping classes open, organising events or even helping with more formal sides of running the school he is always there and always ready to help no questions asked. This is all very much appreciated and not unnoticed, thank you.